It is in the heart of Provence, a land bearing the footprints of past gypsies, in the beautiful Provencal town of Saint Remy de Provence at the foot of the Alpilles mountain range, that we restore and sell gypsy caravans.  We endeavour to bring back to life these exquisite works of art as they were of yesteryear : wandering homes with evocative powers, a heritage and culture so often forgotten and abandoned.

                      It is in the recollections of these “verdines”, progressing along the roads at a horses pace, their bright encampments illuminating the outskirts of villages, and the fascination these little wooden homes have brought to our imagination, that we have wanted to give them back their splendour from long ago so that they represent, once again, the spirit of these proud nomadic inhabitants who lived in them.

                      Neither house nor hut, gypsy caravans are untiring travellers.  Proof that true liberty indeed exists, they travel towards the unknown, forever imbuing us with their sovereign supreme audacity.

                      It is this unique spirit, a subtle mix of temporary and eternal, that we have wanted to give to our restorations, so that our gypsy caravans introduce a whole new experience.